E-Learning – Distance Learning & Music

Untitled presentationThis is an interesting time to be a teacher.  I wanted to put together a list of ideas and products for music teachers who are suddenly looking at a possibility of E-Learning for at least a short period of time.  I’m not trying to benefit off of a difficult time – and I do have some great free resources included in this list!

I created a new category on my store that contains all the products listed below and the ones I believe could be adjusted to work in an e-learning situation.  View the full list here!

UPDATE – August 2020 Music From a Distance – A completely no prep packet for distance learning that can be used digitally or printed.

UPDATE – July 2020  Music Theory MEGA Bundle – We’ve been hard at work creating a flexible music theory unit that works for in person teaching and for remote learning.  The idea behind this is if a district is forced to close for a short or long period of time you can continue with this unit when students are learning from home.  We have created 3 different levels to work for all ages K-12, you can purchase them as a bundle or individually as you need.  Each lesson contains instructions and guides on the page for students to be able to learn on their own or with a parent’s help.  In the future we are planning to make lesson videos to go along with each lesson.

FREE – I highly encourage everyone to take a look at my Noteflight Mystery Song Assignment Blog Post – This is a great FREE activity that teaches students about chord progressions, creating a bass line, etc. – It also helps them learn how to use notation software!  From there, if you want to continue along this path, I recommending looking into my Mystery Song Bundle.

Second FREE thing I put together is something I plan to use as a one week safety net review plan mostly using MusicTheory.net  This incorporates perfectly into Google Classroom with people dealing with a 1-1 computer situation.  You can literally copy and paste the information directly out of this and make assignments in Google Classroom!  View the Google Doc Unit Plan here.

Third FREE thing I want to share is my growing list of fantastic free resources including links to many great websites that can educate and entertain students!  This is a bit of a catch all list – if you have suggestions to add please let me know!  View the list here!

For shorter term activities:

I have several research/presentation project activities ready to go – they contain expectations and guidelines for students to create a presentation on a topic.  I have one for Cultures, Instruments, Genres, & Composers.

I also have a more in depth Music Genre Research Project that is supposed to be a group activity – but it is an editable file that you could adjust to fit your needs!

I also have my Performance Alternative Assignment that could be used just as a quick guide for students to write a research paper.

For something longer term:

Music Time Period Research Project – A hefty research project for middle school/high school students. Students select one of 6 music time periods (Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, or 20th Century) and complete a general overview of the time period, instruments unique to or used in the time period, and composers important to the time period.  I used this assignment over a 3 week span of time and assigned 1 part of the project each week.

We recently added Digital Guided Notes to our Music Cultures of the World Unit.  This means that this entire unit can be done by individual students completely online!  I created a brief YouTube video to show how to integrate the new digital guided notes into Google Classroom – view that here.

Our Composers Unit and Instrument Families Unit could be adapted fairly easily to accommodate an e-learning environment – especially if you’re willing/able to print out packets and send them home to be worked on!  These are all guided note units, meaning there are note packets with missing information that needs to be filled in to be completed as you go through the presentations.  Typically these are used in a classroom lecture setting, having students fill in the notes as you go through the presentations and videos as a class.  But you could easily send (email/Google Classroom/etc.) the presentations to the students and have them complete printed out packets at home and just watch the videos on their own.  Furthermore – if you have students without internet access at home – there are printable versions of the presentations included (obviously then there will be no video access)!  Yes – that’s a lot of printing, but sometimes we have to do what we have to do!  — Hopefully I will create some digital guided notes for these units as well soon!

Music Theory MEGA Bundle (as listed above)

I hope this list at least gives you some ideas to help during this difficult time!


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